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Gateway in non default environments

In a non default environment we couldn' use a Gateway to connect to on-premise resources.

It should be posible to reuse/share an existing gateway in non default envrionments to create a connection to an external database (ex. SQL Server on-premise).



Status: Planned

We plan to do this feature. Currently, if you have an urgent business need for this feature, we can whitelist your non-default environment to allow gateway. You need to file a support ticket for this and we will evaluate carefully your request.

Power Apps Staff jo
Power Apps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Power Up

To have development and prelive environments these need to have the same functionality as the Live (default) environment so the application can go through the full ALM lifecycle.

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Same here, all of our flows and powerapps utilize gateway connections, making environments useless to us currently since we can't develop against these connections in any other environment except default.  It would be great to be able to assign connections to an environment, or assign an entire gateway to an environment.

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Yes we should have Gateway enabled for Non Default environments. As jakekemme said, environments become very useless if we dont allow the Gateways. We use SQL Server heavily.

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Agreed, we need the Gateways enabled for all Environments.

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This is a critical need!

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It's very important to allow that development team can be isolated in a specific Environment, with connections configured for stand-alone development servers.


I think that is a basi functionality.

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All of our apps are driven with on premise data from a SQL database.  We would not be able to use diffrenet enviroments if we can't have access to the gateway in each environment for SQL dev connections, SQL test connections, etc.

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This idea has been "Under Review" for a year.  Any update from MS?

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What the update? idea has been "Under Review" for a year.  

Please prioritise