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Gateway in non default environments

In a non default environment we couldn' use a Gateway to connect to on-premise resources.

It should be posible to reuse/share an existing gateway in non default envrionments to create a connection to an external database (ex. SQL Server on-premise).



Status: Planned

We plan to do this feature. Currently, if you have an urgent business need for this feature, we can whitelist your non-default environment to allow gateway. You need to file a support ticket for this and we will evaluate carefully your request.


The Gateway is going to be General available in all environments from October 2019


Feature details

You can now create and manage gateways in any environment, not just the default environment. This release allows users to use all gateways that they have access to within their environment's region. Admins can use the rich gateway management experience in the Power Platform Admin center to manage and control access to gateways. Admins can also define who can access gateways, and their permissions.


In case you are in urgent for adding this GateWay, you can submit a ticket to PowerApps team from or


With the following information: 


  1. TenantId
  2. GatewayId (guid for the Gateway) - sign into the on-premise gateway and select Diagnostics and then select the Export logs -> GatewayProperties.txt
  3. Non-Default Environment Id (guid of the environment or environments to which is requesting to map the gateway)

The Gateway can be mapped to a non-default environment only if the environment and the gateway are both in the tenant default region.


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I'm so happy to hear it.

Thank you for letting us know.




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I see it said that the support gateway for all environments will be available in Oct 2019 but this month is Oct. I did not see any update on this.


Does it mean that we still need to raise a ticket? And how long does it take for the ticket?

Do you have any more info on this?




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I have insured that my Gateway is in the same region and it is still not available.  Any help would be appreciated.