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Generate ID for field that uses "number sequence"



I have a table with an ID using number sequence, In Dynamics 365 FO it automaticly generates the correct ID when I create a record. 

When using powerapps I have to fill in the number manually. This is extremely hard, considering I have to guess the exact number Dynamics is expecting. (errors occur when the format is wrong, the ID is to low or the ID is to high) 


Would be great if powerapps could generate it by himself. 

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Hi @BjornNimmegeers

The next number in the sequence is generated by the server, not in PowerApps.  You or PowerApps should not be guessing.  The ID should not be supplied for the Patch/Insert operation, it is returned as the result of the operation (for example via LastSubmit if you use forms, although I discourage this, or just collecting the result or setting it as the value of a record variable)

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Hi @Meneghino


Thanx for your comment.


I did contact Support services before, and after explaining what I'm trying to accomplish to 3 persons in a skype session. They dit tell me it's not yet possible. 


Still, I'm trying your Patch Idea now, but I have the same problem. 2018-02-27_14-30-15.png



ActivityNumber is the unique id of the activities table in Dynamics 365 for operations and uses number_sequence. And again that field is required,  


I don't know if I'm doing something wrong with the patch function (Just trying to create a new record with some basic values)

Sorry If I'm making a rookie mistake, Just started researching powerapps and flows last week

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