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Generate app using the tablet layout

Currently you can only use the Tablet Layout when creating a blank app.  Can you please include this layout when generating an app from a data source?  I really think this should be a high priority.  The option to switch between layouts would be nice too.


It takes a long time to build an app from scratch, particularly as the gallery control in a blank app does not seem to find fields/columns in the data source (I've updated the Items formula, but it cannot find the columns, despite having used them successfully in the same app generated using Phone Layout).

Status: Planned

This feature idea is actively being discussed and we see the value it will bring.  If as part of it we were to support incrementally adding entities to an existing app with the predefined templating of the current App from Data, would that be useful?


Hi everyone, this is something we have been wanting to add to Power Apps for some time. It is very encouraging to see the support from the community for this feature. I am optimistic that you will hear more about this in a few months. Please stay tuned!

Regular Visitor

Oh my gosh!

I can't believe that this is not supported. I'm really new to PowerApps and just assumed that I just wasn't finding this feature.

But apparently it doesn't exist. How is that possible? Like other have mentioned, if we want to use this for internal purposes, it will be viewed on a screen and not on a phone. 

Why not allow all that nice functionality for tablet layout as well? Or allow you to change it later on?


This is frustrating.