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Get Container Scroll Position

It will be so useful to know when a Vertical or Horizontal container has scrolled to a certain point. For example, until a Vertical container has scrolled to the bottom I want an arrow facing down below my container to let the user know that there is more content. When the user scrolls to the bottom, I want to hide the arrow. If they scroll up again, the arrow should appear again. This would also be very useful to ensure that a user has read or scrolled the full content of Terms and Conditons etc. before being allowed to click next.

Status: New
Resolver I

I figured this out. I have a Vertical Container. Below it, I have an arrow pointing down to let the user know that there is more content in it. The last item in my container is called lastItem (for example). The arrow's visibility is set to lastItem.Y>=-200 (-200 being the distance one has to scroll to get to the bottom). This is also how you can check how far a user has scrolled.