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Get Device Info in PowerApps

Just like the User function, there should be a Device function where you can pull the type of device and maybe some manufacture info, serial, something.

Status: Under Review

@GregLi Taking another look at this.

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This is really needed as there are coding difference for some things in Android vS iOS

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Any idea when this functionality is going to be provided?  There is a different syntax for sending SMSs between Android and iOS.  Therefore we have to produce two identical separate applications, one for each device type...

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I didn't make two seperate applications,  just looked at putting a start up sceen with two radio buttons (Apple or Android)  This is a split second compulsory question that put result into variable.  then all I needed was an if satatement on my Onselect that does SMS


I also did two buttons but changed that to be the start up screen

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@leyburn19 sounds nice, but in World with IT 4.0, to shift the decision how an app should work towards the user...? is somehow oldfashioned in an AI-world....


I assume, for the programmer just to include some coding in order to identify Browser (indeed, there are here with us some differences with edge, Chrome, Explorer, firefox, ...) and/or in app-modus on mobile to identify the operating system, it could be VERY useful for a lot of use-cases !!!, so pls, @Audrie-MSFT take this coding into account in one of your further Scrum-agile development cycles!

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Thanks @leyburn19, made us think, we may put the device type in each user record on the underlying data in the Sharepoint list.

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@RAHewitt , but in our use-cases, user use different devices, sometimes per mobile, sometimes per Android Tab/Mobile, sometimes per private Apple device or ... then, how to...?

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made us think, we may put the device type in each user record on the underlying data in the Sharepoint list.

That is interesting as I actually have an asset list with that data so I could query it to do this as well.  Thank you. Love outside the box thinking

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I am hoping that something can be implemented soon.  I just need the app to be aware whether it's being opened on a pc or on a mobile device.   This will allow me hide mobile only features from pc users.  


While I could have different versions of the app, that can get quite confusing for the end user.   It also clutters up the list of available apps in the PowerApps mobile app if the organization uses many apps.   Being able to have a single app keeps the list cleaner and less confusing.

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@JR-BejeweledOne : regarding the issue of so many apps, and keep an overview for the user... As we all talk about workarounds... I have simply build an app as an ENTRANCE-APP, meaning, this app/icon is called "CENTRAL", the users get/keep this url only or put this CENTRAL-app on thier mobile-handheld as APP-icon, there in the CENTRAL-app, I have 1 page only with old-school Windows-comparable "tiles", click on them and the app is opening your right app...

-> In short, we provide only one CENTRAL-app, then in this Central-app these 4-8 tiles for the to-be-used apps.... 😉

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@move-on unfortunately mobile specific features like camera etc. only work if you open the app in the PowerApps app.


There is no way to hide non-mobile apps that the user has access to from appearing in the PowerApps app.  (I hate saying that, too many 'apps' words and it gets confusing to listen to. Woman Happy)


This was the reason for my comment.