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Get Device Info in PowerApps

Just like the User function, there should be a Device function where you can pull the type of device and maybe some manufacture info, serial, something.

Status: Under Review

@GregLi Taking another look at this.

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Agreed. I think a detection for the device and resolution would allow for designing apps that can resize to work on tablet and phone.

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We also need a way to detech the aspect ratio!! I didnt realize different tablets have different aspect rations until I created a Prokect Siena App and tried to deploy it at work.. some tablets have 4:3, or 16:9 or 16:10..


long story short you end up with black bars on your apps depending on the apect ration of the device..

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Status changed to: Under Review

App.Version and App.Device (in addition to App.ActiveScreen) is under review.


Thank you,


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Aditional Suggestion:

I also think it important in terms of Business Intelligence that you could implement the feature enabling to inform us of the detail about the device to have issued the records. So, I hope this function to be implemented immediately because I wish to analyze the app usage per device.

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@O365_JP_Support Excellent idea! We're considering this as well and will keep you posted as it gets integrated into our roadmap.


Thank you for your continued feedback and support.



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Any update about this idea? 

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Advocate I

We need PowerApps to get the Device ID so we could generate the menu according to it.

We different device(iPad, Android) assign to different machine. We want to customise the menu according to the Device ID. Please roll out this asap.

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I also would like the capability to find out what device was used to add or edit any new items.

I noticed the PowerApps analytics screen already shows you what device platforms are being used to launch an app. It gives an overall figure.

But I would like to know where each individual item is being added/edited from. This way I can find out who or which sections/countries of my organisation are using a web browser and who is using an app. This will allow me to better target training.

Another reason for this is, the main advantage of PowerApps is the ability to have an app on your phone. So I need to know which sectors of my business are just using a desktop device and a browser vs a phone app. So I can justify keeping PowerApps. Because if most users are using PowerApps in the browser, then they might as well use our current SharePoint/InfoPath or Nintex forms alternatives - This may well be the view from top management.

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Do we have plans on when this feature is going to be released ? or do we have some list published which shows what is date on which features are planned for release ?

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No news on when we may have something like app.device information (and if this could also include which web browser if the APp is used from PC)


For now powerapps does not have

a build-in function that would allow to detect:

which web browser and/or which device is used


I have also seen that this would be possible by creating a PHP script

that can return those information in a JSON format and

linking that script as a 'connector' to the Apps that then could use the collected results.


Anyone already tried that? ...and have some clue on how to achieve this?