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Get Device Info in PowerApps

Just like the User function, there should be a Device function where you can pull the type of device and maybe some manufacture info, serial, something.

Status: Under Review

@GregLi Taking another look at this.

Super User

I really need this as well. Google's Material Design defines various guidelines that can change wether the app runs on an Android or an iOS device. If I want to follow these guidelines I need to know in my app which OS it's running on.

Hope to see this soon...

Helper I

This is desperately needed.  Especially because of the differences in how Android and iOS handle Date Time.

Apparently iOS assumes the datetime coming in from a data source is in UTC format and automatically converts it to local.  Android does not do this.  So we need a way to determine the device type so we can have datetime show up correctly for everyone.

Advocate II

Right now I would save at least a couple weeks of work on my current project if I had the ability to get device type or at least the screen dimensions to lay out navigation paths based on screen sizing, in order to maximize user efficiency & sense of quality aesthetic.

New Member

Getting Mac Address of Device in Power App should be there. Currently due to unavailability of this function we can not restrict user to use app from their device. Currently in my company Site Inspection Peoples do not visit site physically but ask dealers of site to login and submit information. Which kills the of site visit by specific person.

Regular Visitor

Yes please, add this!

Frequent Visitor

Please add this functionality