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Get Device Info in PowerApps

Just like the User function, there should be a Device function where you can pull the type of device and maybe some manufacture info, serial, something.

Status: Under Review

@GregLi Taking another look at this.

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1. one Central-mobile-App -> take on mobile-handheld home screen (right three points -> "apply this to home" and hide/delete the original powerapps-icon from home-mobile-screen)

1. one Central-PC-app -> give this URL only to the PC-users and they should save it as favorite or so...

....or do I misunderstand your needs?

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@Anonymous, I have not yet found a way to force a PowerApp to open in the PowerApps mobile app.   I think the only way to do this is to open the mobile app and then launch the PowerApp from there.  I have tried using the weblink and the appID, but they only open in the browser and not in the PowerApps mobile app. 


If I am designing an app specifically for mobile, it's usually because it has a mobile-only feature such as image capture with the device camera.   If you open one of these apps in the browser on a mobile device, you will get a message that the mobile specific features will not be available and to access those features you must install PowerApps and open from there.


So from what you described it would defeat the purpose of designing apps with mobile only features as they would not be able to be used. 

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-> for mobile/handheld (Android): as described above, if you open the powerapps-App and then you see the apps and can push on the three-points (vertical) right of the relevant app and select "send it to home" or something (I have no english-app here unfortunately). Then you´ll have your "Mobile-CENTRAL-App" e.g. as icon on the mobile screen and can delete the powerapps-icon from the screen...

-> for PC/Browsers: In Powerapps-Studios there is a links in the section -> PC-Central-App -> three points (horizontal) -> Details -> see WEBLINK, this is the link for PC-users,

-> did you know this and/or can you work with this?

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@Anonymous   I see what you are saying now.   I misunderstood.  


This may work well if you only are using a few apps, but if you have a larger number, it could get cumbersome and bulky, even if you group them.  Plus there is the time involved in making 2 versions of an app and keeping both up to date.


If the issue can be solved with some basic device detection that would be much better in the long run.   There is an article out there about making truly responsive apps that I am going to look into soon that will hopefully alleviate some of the pain points around accessing via pc, phone or tablet.


Detecting the device would just be the icing on the cake.   And I don't make the policy about how we do PowerApps in my organization.   I have already brought up the idea of having 2 apps, one for phone and one tablet layout and it was shot down.


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I agree this would be nice.  For example, created a mobile app hoping to use it on a surface pro, but the camera component on surface pro does not work with powerapps.  It works great on an ios device or android device, but Microsoft can't seem to support their own products...go figure.  This would allow you to shut off the option or at least post a warning that the app works better under a web browser than in the powerapp application.


Sad that my greatest motivation for this is to be able to give a warning to Microsoft Surface users that a microsoft product does not support their product well.

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Picking up one of your points, I've been able to use Launch to open either in a browser or the PA Player. I've been playing around with this to use in an offline setting.


Still in BETA, but this is what I have currently:

- using a Toggle, select either "PowerApps Player" (false) or "Web Browser" (true)

- OnSelect of a "Launch" button this code;

   If( Toggle1.Value=false,


       // this code launches 2nd App in the PowerApps player

       Launch("ms-apps:///providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apps/[ your app ID ]?tenantId= [ your app tenant ]


// 'Usage' here is a parameter I send to the other app getting opened to get referenced when coming back


     // this code launches 2nd App in a web browser

     Launch("[ your app ID ]?tenantId= [ your app tenant ]



Launch will open the app in the Browser or Player, as per the Toggle.


In the second app, I have a 'Go back to Main app' button with the code;

// this code launches 1st App in the PowerApps player
Launch("ms-apps:///providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apps/[ your app ID ]?tenantId= [ your app tenant ]"),


// this code launches 1st App in a web browser
Launch("[ your app ID ]?tenantId= [ your app tenant ]")


In a browser, this code keeps opening new tabs upon each launch (doesn't return to the previous window) but in the Player it just opens the relevant app. Not sure if this is something you could work with but thought I'd share anyway 🙂 


I agree with this thread's sentiment, it'd be great to have an app be able to detect the device details.


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Very interesting.   I doubt that it solves the issue of the 'warning' message that you get about the app using functionality that is not available in the browser though.   I would definitely want it to be seamless though.


I know that there is a way to do this.  After all if I go to Safari or Chrome on my phone and search for something to buy, if I click on something that is available from Amazon, I get a dialog box at the top of the screen asking if I want to view it in the app.   So the capability is there, it's just a matter of figuring out how to implement it in a PowerApp and extend it a step to just open the app automatically rather than asking the user if they want to open it.

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Status changed to: Under Review

@GregLi Taking another look at this.

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This is desperately needed. The way I handle it in the meantime is to have a little toggling SmartPhone/Laptop icon that when in smartphone view shows the barcode reader buttens, while when in laptop mode hides the buttons and shows a textbox to enter the value with an ok button. It's clumsy, but good enough for now. I need a way to determine on start if barcode reader is available or not.

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I have submitted a similar idea where I want to access mobile hardware information and sensor values. please vote on idea at: