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Get Resource Calendar Events from Office 365 Connector

Make it possible to get events from resource calendars (e.g. meeting rooms) in Office 365. Looking at the current connectors, only a few tweaks are neccessary.


The call in the Office 365 connector, GetCalendarTables, needs to provide an argument so we can specify the email address of the meeting room, rather than just returning the calendar ids of the current user.


Then (presumably) we can use the GetEventsCalendarViewV2 call to get the events for a given date range. This call requires the calendar id of the calendar to look up. So using the calendar id of the resource calendar obtained in GetCalendarTables we can then look the events.


Alternatively, make another method like GetEventsCalendarViewV2, but one that accepts the email of the resource calendar, rather than the calendar id specifically.

Status: Under Review

Adding @LanceDelano to see if we can offer an easy way to reverse the existing query (find open rooms vs. find all events booked to a room).


Thank you for your patience and clarifications,


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A tedious workaround for now, and I am sure there are many, is to use flow and get events from the different calendars on a recurring basis and add the events to a SharePoint list or any other data source.


I mentioned tedious because you would have to login in with each calendar as a user on flow, this is even worse when you have a lot of rooms.


Hope it helps someone!

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 Hi there is there any wayout or solution to see the event in meeting room ??

please let me know if any workaround for the same!

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A while back I blogged about what I did to overcome this limitation using Azure Functions and the Exchange SDK here: 

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what is the status on this?

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New here so please have mercy...


I tried playing with powerapps and used the book a room template. Its working but its not seeing my calendar entries if I go and select book for an existing meeting. 


I need to know what is missing. second question. once you book a room, you can't see who manages it. I need like an admin tool to view the current reservations for corrections. any hope also on that?

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Would be interested in knowing if there's an update on this aswell, I've been working on extending the Book a Room demo application for a couple of weeks now and I've been using a custom connector to get the events from Graph. However with the upcoming changes to the pricing model and how custom connectors will require a Plan 1 license it's not really not worth extending this little app idea of mine.

I'd love to get the getSchedule request from Graph added to the OOB Connector

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Also very keen to be able to retrieve events from a resource calendar such as a room using the standard 365 connector . Is this on the roadmap yet ?

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This functionality would be huge! Are there plans for it ?

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plus one on this - would love this feature

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Is this still in progress any updates?  I wanted to explor the workaround by rmmcgr but the link is dead.