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Get Resource Calendar Events from Office 365 Connector

Make it possible to get events from resource calendars (e.g. meeting rooms) in Office 365. Looking at the current connectors, only a few tweaks are neccessary.


The call in the Office 365 connector, GetCalendarTables, needs to provide an argument so we can specify the email address of the meeting room, rather than just returning the calendar ids of the current user.


Then (presumably) we can use the GetEventsCalendarViewV2 call to get the events for a given date range. This call requires the calendar id of the calendar to look up. So using the calendar id of the resource calendar obtained in GetCalendarTables we can then look the events.


Alternatively, make another method like GetEventsCalendarViewV2, but one that accepts the email of the resource calendar, rather than the calendar id specifically.

Status: Under Review

Adding @LanceDelano to see if we can offer an easy way to reverse the existing query (find open rooms vs. find all events booked to a room).


Thank you for your patience and clarifications,


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Another vote for this idea.

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It has been 2 years. Are there any updates on this?

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Hi @genarich,


no  AFAIK.  Did you try a method I've described earlier in this thread?

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It is working (Once you completed all the steps of sharing the resource calendar and accept the sharing in your own mailbox as described in the article you mention)