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Get app metadata from within the app

We need the ability to get various metadata about the app using formula.  For example it woud be great to display the version number and relelase date of the app rather than manually adding them in a text field.


Status: Planned
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Agreed. The most pertinent use case is creating a label with the reference to the current live version of the app. Makes troubleshooting oversights non-existent!

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Any updates?

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Any updates?

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Hi all - this was my suggestion to the team with regards to metadata
When moving between Dev/Test/Prod it would be extremely useful to have a straightforward way of displaying a series of features of the app.
Key ones to my mind are :-  
  • App Id
  • App Name
  • Environment ID
  • Environment Name
  • SolutionID (Where relevant)
  • SolutionName
I can imagine a page in every canvas app that could be referred to by a developer to enable them to track down the item.
There are possibilities using flow and admin connectors, but I would not want to add a connector or a flow if I could help it.  There's a solution here that goes some way to demonstrating a route through.
It's pretty easy to construct a url to get to see the app details from here, so I wouldn't necessarily advise that as a feature, but it wouldn't be a bad shout.
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any Update for this?

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Implement this please.

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Excellent idea! There is already a control/function for App that can display things like App.ActiveScreen, so why not add App.VersionNumber or I would love App.CurrentEnvironment!

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I couldn't agree more.
Wondering why your app's newly coded features aren't working, when actually you're just running an old version or you forgot to to publish would be made much easier if we could display version numbers in app.

The idea of creating a powerflow to get the version back seems weird to me, it really should be part of powerapps.