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Get app metadata from within the app

We need the ability to get various metadata about the app using formula.  For example it woud be great to display the version number and relelase date of the app rather than manually adding them in a text field.


Status: Planned
Frequent Visitor

 This such a basic request I am surprised it was not there when first launched.

Regular Visitor

Still in planning.... 2 years later...

New Member


Helper II

It seems like a very simple request to be implemented, and so useful to everybody.
It's hard to figure out why it is taking so much time!

Frequent Visitor

Up... still waiting

Advocate II

When is this planned for? Please give a time range!


New Member

push, push, push

Helper II

It must be technically EXTREMELY difficult to implement it, even though I can't figure out why 🙂

Super User

I agree - version numbers would be great

Frequent Visitor

Gets my vote