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Get app metadata from within the app

We need the ability to get various metadata about the app using formula.  For example it woud be great to display the version number and relelase date of the app rather than manually adding them in a text field.


Status: Planned
Level 8

Totally agree.

Need a simple Function ... for example GetAppVersion() that returns the Version Number of the app in play. This then could be displayed in a Text box somewhere in the app, like on the Title Bar.

Please make this happen.

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I completely agree.  It would help tremendously.  

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Looking for the same!

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Looking for the same, please update commands

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Yes - our first support question is usually Do you have the latest version of App X? Which we are managing by manually updating a label in the app. 

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Looking for same - I need to display the version of the app and ideally the release date within the app.

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I need to display the version of the app and optionally relelase(publish) date and finally the name of the app. I used app name on several screens in my app and when I wanted to rename app I had also to change the text of several labels ...

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Like mx mentioned, somthing GetAppVersion() is really good and I believe it is not difficult to implement.

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Looking forward to have this also Smiley Happy

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As an app developer, this is essential to keeping the experience smooth running for the end user. I like the idea of a new function getappversion() - or if you could point us to how to pull that info another way, that would be great!