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Get attachments in SharePoint list items and attach files to SharePoint list items

Need PowerApp to get the files attached to a SharePoint List Item. Need to be able to check if any files are attached and open the files or save the files. Must be able to handle zero, one or multiple files attached to a SharePoint List item. This capability would enable a wide range of business applications like contract approval where contractors fill in a form and attach one or several files then save (submit). The Power App would have to support attaching files, detaching files, iterating over the files attached to a single list item, and processing file attachments.


It would be extremely useful if PowerApps supported a way users could easily opening or preview attached files in a viewer similar to SharePoint online WOPI frame. Approval workflows often require reviewers to read the list entry and view the attached files before approving, rejecting or adding a comment to the list entry.

Status: Completed
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I have done this for opening files with business case approval work flow. My solution was to create a flow which was triggered when a new list item was created. It then looped through attached documents and added the url for each attachment to a table in the common data service. In PowerApps I then created buttons which launched the links to the documents i.e. click on the button and it opens the attachment in SharePoint, so the user still needs access to the SharePoint site.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed