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Give the user the option to widen, or scroll horizontally in, the 'Add a Flow' panel so that the entire name of the Flow can be seen

Currently when trying to add a Flow to a PowerApp, the Panel that appears from the right hand side cannot be widened in any way. If you have multiple flows that have a similar start to their name (or, for example, if you are naming your flows in the following convention: <Application Name> - <Flow Name> to allow for better organisation when viewing your Flows), this means that oftentimes you will struggle to identify which is the Flow you actually want to add to your application.


If we could have the opportunity to widen this panel to be able to view more of the Flow name, or scroll horizontally to display more of the Flow name, it would save having to click to Edit each Flow to see their full name.


Check out the short clip, and if this has been frustrating you - upvote!




Status: New