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Give us a NULL for Canvas Apps

Hi Power Apps Team,


I run into the issue that it is not possible to clear a LookUp Column when it has a value set. We need a real NULL value inside of Power Apps (instead of Blank). Not having a null drives people crazy, really I mean this.

Oke, what happens. After you select a lookup value to the column and later you like to make this lookup value null this is not possible, but the current value is still selected.

Some extra insights for the team: Probably the reason is that the Submit Form and Patch are optimized to only send the changes to the server through the Fetch statement which is generated. Because with Dataverse the LookUp expects an Entity Record with the schema of the record, instead of only need the identifier, basically the Fetch statement doesn't hold a value at all. I tried everything like using:

  • Blank()
  • LookUp(datesource, 1=0) // this should result in a blank
  • Patch(Defaults(datasource), {NameId:GUID()}) // this should result in an object with the proper schema, but with a guid which is not returning a record. Should result to null.
  • Patch(First(datasource), {NameId:GUID()}) //Same as above, but all required fields have a value.

With SharePoint this is possible, because you can send an object only having the ID in it, like {ID:-1}. I presume this object is just sent to the server through the Fetch Statement, the server tries to find the record which returns a real null. So an option could be to change the validation on the form to accept an object with only the identifier also for dataverse.


Hope this all makes sense for the team and if not please connect to me for additional info. 

Status: New