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Global Card Formatting

For forms it would be a nice feature to format and design some master card such as its size, boldness, font, etc.  and have all of the cards that are made visible afterwards, from say your sharepoint list, mimic the format of the master card instead of having to individually edit each card.

Status: Planned
Helper II

I second this - perhaps we are missing something.. the easiest solution I've found is to set the very first card how I like it and then use DataCardKey1.X... DataCardKey1.Height etc for every other one but that still involves manually touching each control for each card.. can become tiresome with many!

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Advocate I

Yes! Or something like a Format Painter tool - changing each form card is a bind.

Regular Visitor

Format painter would be great

Advocate IV

Or a Select All and then allow me to change fonts, colours, size of box etc...

New Member

Do we have an ETA on this?


Or if I could expound upon the idea, I think a custom theme creator/manager with all common fields might be useful. Make one change in the theme creator/manager and it updates everything, fast and easy. 


Helper II

Sitting here setting height and size property for 25 fields as we speak... I recommend creating a variable - this way you only need to make the edit once (Assuming you do not remove and add a card...)


ex Set(FormFont,9);Set(FormHeight,30)

New Member

I am very new to this (1 week in) and what I was doing was adding a "Settings Screen" and using a dropdown with a manual Items list of all the available Font Family's;


[Font.Arial, Font.'Courier New', Font.'Dancing Script', Font.Georgia, Font.'Great Vibes', Font.Lato, Font.'Lato Black', Font.'Lato Hairline', Font.'Lato Light', Font.'Open Sans', Font.'Open Sans Condensed', Font.'Patrick Hand', Font.'Segoe UI', Font.Verdana]


and then in font property using the DropDownsName.Selected.Value 


Only because I can't find where to manage variables? or best practice placement?

Helper II

That is another way you could do it!


For my variables I store them in "OnVisible" or "OnStart", I also create Buttons that I copy "OnStart" stuff into so I can execute without reseting the app


For example on your setting screen you can create a button


my OnSelect looks something like this...



Set(icFormBG2,RGBA(125, 125, 125, .1));




So when I want to change all my font size I can change the icFont value and select the button (while also changing it in my OnStart) - and voilla

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I'm currently formatting a tablet screen with 145 values.  Likely to grow to 160.  I've been working on it for days.  It has all kinds of data types.  What I would like to see is something like a Powershell or C# interface where I could loop through the connected table, place fields and format fields.  They have an automated app creation process so make the API available. 


If I had the time and patience I could try to automate it using Selenium and C#.  It would take a long time and would likely not be reliable.