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Grid View is not available in PowerApps



I would like to add 1 point in the powerapps development. In genral if any data is present to represent that we use the grid formate for that grid contains Headers whicl will be used to place titles or filelds name in cloumn wise or Row wise depends on the requirement remaining will be populated based on the feading respectivly.

Here there is  no such control available to display data in a semantic manner. i verified the post related to Gridviews those are not comfortable to long run. some suggested to use Galleray control in that use Custom Gallerary like that also suggested to place headers as textboxes those are nice where as comes to actual scenario if we want to place the control some where at that time we need to move both Galleary as well as headers controls also.

Think if my requirement contains 100 or 1000 records !

### Oh My GOD many headers to be placed





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Status: Completed

Good news! Check out our new Data table control here:

Advocate IV
What ever am posting these are the challenges faced and these are not available in the PowerApps so these ideas will add then most of the common and basic issues will resolve. Hope the Admin will looking in to these Ideas
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Helper II

I would like the Grid control capability as well. The more it can work like Excel, but within my PowerApp, the better.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed

Good news! Check out our new Data table control here: