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Grouped Screens


We are developing apps using PowerApps and so far the learning curve is high but the period spent is amazingly short for us to develop functional apps but we are not claiming we know everything.

As we developed certain apps, we find ourselves having multiple screens and selecting which screen to edit takes time. Therefore, we look forward to a feature on grouping the screens together, much like how we can group the forms in MS Access.


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I agree. In a situation where there are several branches of related screens, it would be very beneficial to be able to identify screens by group and filter the screen view to show only the group currently being worked on.

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I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention. This is very necessary for complex apps where the same page exist for multiple occurrances and behaviors. It would allow us to organize very complex screen instances.

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agree.  seems crazy to need it, but it would assist with improving development speeds and reduce scrolling to quickly 'hide' things away.

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Yes Agree. It will allow me to group all screens that have relationships together.

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Push @HemantG  This should be something from factory no?


Power Apps

tagging @Tasha_S \@Emma  for review .

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Has there been any progress with this? Scrolling through all of the screens is a nightmare. 


The ability for the side bar to automove and highlight which screen you are on when you move to a new screen would also be great. Scrolling through tonnes of screens trying to find myself is tiresome