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HTML text control - Change hyperlink default color to blue

I want you to change the default color of the hyperlink to blue.


In HTML text control, you can set the font color by setting the "color" property, but all font colors are changed.

To avoid this, you need to set the font color to the "<a>" tag as follows.

* It is necessary to process before displaying the screen. ("Screen1" > "OnVisible", etc.)



Set(DisplayText,Substitute(DisplayText, "<a", "<font color=blue><a" ));

Set(DisplayText,Substitute(DisplayText, "</a>", "</a></font>" ));



Set "DisplayText" to HTML text control in "HtmlText".



However, even if this process is not done, it is preferable that the color of the character is displayed in blue by default, so we want improvement.

Status: New