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Have a PowerApp (cloud) Recycle Bin

Same as Sway.


Yahya shared this idea  · 
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  • A little note: currently when I have an app and I delete it from my Win10 Device, then I create another app naming it the same as the deleted one, PowerApps does not accept the name - I think because old (deleted) App is still "existing" in other Win10 or iOS devices, and this is kind of recycle bin bug: delete means delete (from all devices). I had to delete the old app from all devices before I am able to use same name in a new app.

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Hi Karthik,

As you know, in the web PowerApps, there is the Removes Apps" tab in which I can restore a deleted App which obviously I have created.

In the Win 10 PowerApps App, however, this recycle bin is not available (yet) so it would be nice to have it on the roadmap. As for the use case, I suppose that Apps a user has created shall be recycled, while other users which an App was shared with them should also be bale to restore a their removed app which was originally shared with them by others. and I suppose that this Cloud recycle bin shall have no (or long) time limit before deleted items can be permanently deleted.

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Hi Yahya,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you please elaborate the usecase for the recycle bin - if we provided a way to filter apps authored by you, would that work?

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Within the App, I mean.

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Can confirm.  Accidentally deleting an app you don't have a backup of on your PC is awful.  plz provide recycle bin/restore capability of deleted powerapps

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I just did this.


It can "apparently" be restored via a Microsoft Support Request... but please give us a recycle bin.