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Have multiple PowerApps open at the same time for end user

We have now developed multiple PowerApps for our organisation, and now the question is coming up whether or not the  end users can have more than one app open at the same time, as they are apps used in their daily work. The only way I can think of to solve this is to have an app open in the PowerApps interface, and another in a browser. 


For this reason a great feature to add would be to add tabs within the PowerApps interface, as well as the ability to open multiple windows, like when using a browser. This way our end users would always know what interface they are using PowerApps in, and will not have to be confused by it being in a browser. 

Status: New
Helper V

I agree - we have situations where staff need to access multiple apps (to many business functions to keep inside one app), and we are trying to avoid web browser access. We would like to be able to open multiple instances of PowerApps similar to how you would open multiple excel files and can use across two screens etc