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Have option to show outlines of all controls in studio

Hello all,


It might be useful to have an option in the canvas studio to show the outlines of all controls on the screen. This would assist to see spacing and alignment at a glance without having to click on each control. Currently if a control's border is set to 0, it is not easy to see exact which area of the screen the control consumes. The outlines could be shown in a light intrusive grey or dotted line.


Below are two examples:

Current situation for controls without borders

Example without.jpgCurrent there is now way to see exactly which part of the screen the control consumes


Proposed example how it might look to show control outlines

Example with.jpgThis would allow to easily see control positioning


Dawid van Heerden
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And a way to toggle those on/off.

I use ctrl+A to select and show all item boundaries on screen for this same reason, so would be nice to have a Boundaries overlay we could toggle on/off.

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