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Have the ability to post a Teams message directly to a user from a PowerApp

I would love a way to post a message to a user in Teams directly from the app with the same ease that you can email a person directly from an app. 

I am aware that Flows can be used to achieve this, but I would like to avoid the delay and the permissions issues that Flow can cause. The action “Post a message as the Flow bot to a user” or something similar would be wonderful if available to use in the MicrosoftTeams connector. That action does actually show up in PowerApps, (MicrosoftTeams.PostUserNotification) but as of right now it does not work and is apparently not intended to work outside of Flow.

Any kind of post-a-direct-message-to-a-teams-user feature would have a lot of use cases

Status: New
Advocate IV

Yes, in both canvas apps and model-driven apps please.

Regular Visitor

yes, it would be very useful