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Have the ability to read a RFID

In a situation where you want to make sure one individual really went to a specified location, it would be nice to have the ability to scan fixed RFID cards. The GPS would not provide enough precision for this task. It could be used for inspection too where the RFID card would be inside the control panel or something like that.

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I really need this functionality! Have an estate of hundreds of refid tagged assets (hot tubs) and need an appp to track maintenance routines. 

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I am starting to build something. So did you get anywhere with this.?. If you did please let me know. I have to build this for a Client and hoping i do not have to start from Ground Zero



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I wasn't able to meaningfully progress with this without the native support for RFID reading within powerapps. I had successfully created another barcode reading app that used an external barcode reader device connected to Android mobile and tablet effectively. I thought I could replicate the approach by using an external RFID reader with a tablet. In both instances, Android would recognize the devices as keyboard input devices and populate a text field with the results of a scan if the field had focus. Simply couldn't get this to work with the external RFID reader device I had.  

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i already have  a barcode solution i built. i am looking for a RFID based solution. there are alot of massive rfid warehouse solutions but nothing in powerapps .



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This would be a game changer in our business. Almost every piece from our collections today have an rfid tag attached to it. Having the possibility to let store employees use their mobile deivce to do inventory and at the same way collaborate with backend office would be awsome. Today we need to invest in expensive hardware and software having scanners which only can "scan".

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RFID reader module in PowerApps is a must. When is the estimated launch?




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This feature is much needed in PowerApps

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My company need this feature so badly

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Been working with PowerApps for a while now. Most changes from Microsoft have been regarding licensing. They don't seem to care much about features anymore. 

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I don't get it.  People have been asking for RFID reader support since December 2018 and I haven't seen anything from Microsoft.  Are they reading these posts?