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Help clarify column_names per datasource (ie. Datasource vs CollectionA vs Collectionb)


   It gets very hard to tell which datasource a column is pulling from.


Example of problem:

  • ClearCollect(col_SubSet_A_OfDataSource,(Filter(SharePointDataSource1,StartsWith(Title,"A")))) 
  • Now I have "Title" twice, so if I am patching from col_SubsSet_A_OfDataSource back into SharePointDataSource1 you have Title : Title   
  • .. now if I have mutliple collections, all with leveraging the SharePointDataSource1.Title as the primary key (manual data integrety not datasource) it becomes very very confusing.




I have a few thoughts on ways to reduce confusion:

  1. Allow formula/expressions to use collectionname.ColumnA instead of ColumnA
  2. Have collections support a prefix or postfix to column names and store that mapping
  3. Give us a function to Pre/Post fix column names so we can manage our own name mapping.


I think #2 is best for "non-programmers" but #1 or #3 probably provides more flexablity.


It would also be nice to have a function like GetColumnNames(table/datasource)

It would also be nice if ClearCollect had a simple way to build an empty collection with just the column names so I don't have to do:    ClearCollect(col_Temp,Datasource);Clear(col_Temp) 




Status: New