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Help import MSAccess forms to PowerApp forms


a big drawback for users to switch from Access to PowerApps are the masses of forms (mostly simple forms added to a table or a query) which exist in MSAccess.

So if there would exist any semi-automated help in converting that forms to PowerApps that would be a big plus. The form itself is more important than the functionallity in background, that could be added "later on" and needs no automated import at first sight (only import on very simple 1 table / 1 query forms).

Then MSAccess developers could help customers to build lots of PowerApps.

The tables / Views could be brought to Azure SQL Server, Sharepoint lists and the Reports converted to Reporting Services.

The point here is, that the user would not loose the "look and feel" of his existing forms - At least over here in Germany that "look and feel" ist most important. (Re)Creating several 100s of forms new is theoretically doable, but no user is willing to pay that.

What do you think ?
mfg Klaus Obd

Status: New