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Hide Default Sharepoint buttons like Save & Cancel

Hide the Sharepoint button bar, so that we can instead put our own "Submit" and "Cancel" buttons at the bottom of the form. Creating a custom "Submit" button works fine at the moment, but a custom "Cancel" Button does not seem to work like it should.  However it defeats the purpose if users can just use the default save which does not have the custom actions.

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac and @KeremY

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@LNBThis is not yet implemented by MS.

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This is part of the reasons that I feel hesitate to introduce this to our company after having played with it for more than one year. Isn't Microsoft eating their own dog food?

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So this went to under review on ‎08-23-2018....

It is now 3/11/2020.  So over 2 years to review, how many more years to actually implement it?

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Any updates? It's a much needed option, it completely conflicts with how PowerApps form can be setup! Thanks for reviewing.

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Hi @CWesener any update on this? Users bypass all the validations and rules that we set using the custom buttons. Please allow hiding out of the box buttons on custom forms.

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Please provide an update on this feature. 

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Any update on this please? I am looking for same functionality

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Would be nice an update please! We need this feature!

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Microsoft, are you listening?  How long does it take to review something?  You ask us to use this forum for posting our suggestions / requests / feedback for changes, then you ghost us?  This does not encourage us to continue to do so. 


It has been well over two years; can you kindly provide any kind of a status or update on this request?


Thank you,


Steven Perry

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I agree, we need a status update.

This needs to be updated to allow us to disable the default SharePoint list form buttons. This should be part of the configuration when the list creator selects List Settings-Form Settings-Use a custom form created in Power Apps.

The default form control buttons are not appropriate for all scenarios.