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Hide\Disable keyboard on desired input fields

It will be great to have an ability to disable (by some property of an text input control) on-screen touch keyboard for some text input controls, where user should use handheld on-device barcode scanner, or other types of input

(which then by device will be converted to a text string (wedge))

It will increase usability for applications used for barcode scanning, etc.

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I agree.  We need to be able to disable the keyboard for input fields.  I have fields in my app that are SharePoint choice columns.  These are drop down lists in the app.  After selecting a value from the list of choices, the cursor is inserted into the field after the value and the mobile device keyboard pops up.  Users HATE this.

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I have numerous dropdown fields in my powerapp edit form which are bound to SharePoint Online list.

Everytime user presses one of these dropdowns in powerapps, the phone's keyboard pops up blocking most of the screen. In Android you can dismiss the keyboard by pressing the "back" button but thats no solution 😞

Users hate this feature and I cannot disable the keyboard for these dropdown fields.

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I second  jnelsoncpath's request. Users do NOT want the keyboard to appear when they are selecting an Item from a dropdown. This should be a configuration option of the dropdown control,

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I found a switch in powerapps which disables the keyboard/search function.

Select the dropdown datacard and then the datacardvalue.

At the properties of the "datacardvalue" disable the "allow searching". This disables the keyboard 🙂



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Thanks for your response but ...That only works on the combo box field type.  I use lookup fields and am stuck dealing with the keyboard pop-ups.  I want that capability on all field types.  I understand that a lookup field has search capability, but like a combo box field, we should be able to turn it off.




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I too have this issue.  It essentially makes the mobile app useless for input.

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Thanks Jasu. Great tip

As a workaround I have also set a value in the default field in the column settings of the source SharePoint field. Go to List settings ->Edit Column. As the first value in the drop down list values box I entered something like 'Select'. In the Default value field I also entered 'Select'. This prevents the 'Find Items' option from appearing in the PowerApps field which is what calls up the keyboard.


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Hi all,

the is an alternative solution to this that i am currently using. Put your text field in view mode instead of edit that will disable the native keyboard on any device . Place a tranparent button on top of the text field and on the select property put the action you would have on the onselect of the textfield . This way you can actualy have a on select exacly like you did with the text field but you are actually pressing a transparent button so the keyboard doesnt come up. Hope that helps , if does mark it as an answer.

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Please implement this feature to disable keyboard on selected text input fields.


I fully support this request as I believe this is a useful feature. Currently we have an app that uses in-built scanner on a device. We use text input to insert scanned symbols from device scanner. However, the keyboard pops up which makes the user experience unpleasant for production environment. We'd like to keep using the device native scanner as unfortunately the one PowerApps offers doesn't suit us.

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I need this feature in Powerapps to as well work with an scanner. Could this please be implemented.



Frank Bekema