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Hide\Disable keyboard on desired input fields

It will be great to have an ability to disable (by some property of an text input control) on-screen touch keyboard for some text input controls, where user should use handheld on-device barcode scanner, or other types of input

(which then by device will be converted to a text string (wedge))

It will increase usability for applications used for barcode scanning, etc.

Status: New
Advocate II

We are building an POC App which uses  device scanner instead of the camera to scan the barcode. We probably might decide against PowerApps due to lack of this feature. 

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Hello Everybody 


A function for disabling the VirtualKeyboard on a Textinput would be nice..... i cant agree more with this suggestion!! 

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I Guess it is impossible to implement, because power app is not talking to device source code?
Does it means that we will never be able to use physical button/non-native phone devises(Bar scanner) with power app?