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Hide Formatting Bar in Rich Text Input Fields

The ability to hide the formatting bar that is by default at the top of the text box (see picture below) in RTE fields until the user clicks on the field would be beneficial to app aesthetics. This would allow the text boxes to be smaller in apps where space is an issue and also providing mobile apps cleaner use of apps with RTE fields.



Status: New
Advocate V

I think it would be a great option to have the editor bar visible on edit forms and hidden when on a view only form.  If the form is view only, you can use the bar anyway.

New Member

+1 on this idea, the display forms would have a far better look if the toolbar of rich text boxes were not displayed. Having an option, to hide the toolbar in the configuration would be great.

Advocate II

I agree with @SPDevelKMT. Or at least the option. 

New Member

Any update on this idea?