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Hide Toolbar in SharePoint custom form

Hi Team, 

It will be great idea to implement  to hide "Save" link at the top of PowerApps Form, attached snapshot for reference.


We have created a custom PowerApps form for a SharePoint list.  When we click on New or edit,  the form shows the toolbar at the top with Save/Cancel,Copy Link/Customize options. I would like to hide this menu as I'm managing the save through a button control in the form. Is it possible to hide this menu?


Can we expect something on this in future .





Thanks !

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Hello Mr.,


I just tried: the solution is to use the RequestHide() function.


Best regards

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Hello @Stefano__ ,


How and where do you use the RequestHide() to hide the Save button that is highlighted in the above image?  I would guess on the OnVisible property of the form, but when I try RequestHide(Save) it gives an error.  Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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Also interested in doing this, were you able to figure out where that goes?