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Horizontal Radio Control

I'd like to be able to layout the radio control options horizontally with a possible line wrap rather than just a vertical list.

Status: Completed

You can now get horizontal radios by setting the Layout property to Layout.Horizontal.

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A VERY important feature.  It will come in very handy in vertical gallery controls where the fields are aligned horizontally (another, and even MORE important a feature--essentially a sub-grid--rather than always having to modify the out-of-the box vertical gallery control).

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This is how I would like to display numerous yes/no results in a mobile form

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I agree, having the option to add Radio Control in Horizontal view would be much better for Yes/No Questionnaires.


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I'm for it too.

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Absolutely a much needed update to make the use of radio buttons more user friendly. Remember to vote for this idea.

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Hi, I also would like to be able to show the radiobuttons horizontally since it takes less space. Thanks.

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Agree much needed

Equally a whole host of the controls need a bit of updating so they can be better formatted and same features in all. The fact you can apply radius to text input boxes but not labels. The calendar colour, etc

Be good to to be able to enter grid tables for layout.

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Status changed to: Under Review
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Agreed. This is needed!

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This is must!