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Horizontal Radio Control

I'd like to be able to layout the radio control options horizontally with a possible line wrap rather than just a vertical list.

Status: Completed

You can now get horizontal radios by setting the Layout property to Layout.Horizontal.

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Yes, a horizontal radio button is a must.  I am surprised microsoft hasn't fixed this yet. 

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i vote YES to this

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Yes we need this! My Vote is Yes to horizontal radio buttons stegging . I just created a form and I would love horizontal radio buttons!



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Please do it!!!

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we need this.

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Got to have this, The work around is too labor intensive when you have over 100 Questions

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We REALLY need this as soon as you can get it.  The cost to do the work around is prohibitive.  Thanks.

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Need this for sure.

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As we create new forms (some with limited screen real estate), we'll need more flexibility with the sizing and configuration of the controls.


Radio buttons *can* be very helpful when space is limited.  Unfortunately, vertical listing of radio buttons isn't the only way to acheive this goal.  Like others in this thread, I need horizontal for this control to be useful.


Please update this soon 🙂