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Hover & Unhover which can update other controls and properties



I would like to see a "OnHover" property for media, icons, buttons, etc. Ideally this property would allow you to control other properties when your mouse hovers over an element, and control what happens when the mouse "unhovers" from the element.


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Frequent Visitor

yes definately would be great

Advocate II

+1.  Slide out menus and making buttons bigger when you hover over them would be a fantastic addition 

Regular Visitor

I, too, would like to see an "OnHover" property for media, icons, buttons, etc. Was just searching for a way to "make do" but would love to have the functionality built in.

Regular Visitor

Adding a new OnHover property with ability to add formula would enable the state of the controls to be changed.

I recon this would also resolve this request too:

Update: I understand that PowerApps was originally developed as a platform for low-code Mobile development and "Hover" was not an option. This requirement has however changed since the introduction of pressure sensitive screens and developing PowerApps for desktop machines.

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same here!!

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I'm amazed this wasn't already a thing...It's just as useful and necessary as OnSelect and others

Advocate II

This would be perfect for "information" icon functionality for specific fields in the app!

Resolver I

Me too, Powerapps is behind the times without OnHover, and OnScroll notifications so we can write good apps


New Member

Please add this. Button.Pressed already exists so pleeeease add Button.OnHover!

Advocate I

This seems like a very basic requirement to create apps with great UI-usability. We have to go far for further than an extra mile now to get the same results... and actually they're not really the same results. 


It'd incredibly helpful to see this implemented!