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Hover & Unhover which can update other controls and properties



I would like to see a "OnHover" property for media, icons, buttons, etc. Ideally this property would allow you to control other properties when your mouse hovers over an element, and control what happens when the mouse "unhovers" from the element.


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Same here!!!

Advocate I

Same here.

Advocate II

Yes!  I think this would give us some really advance UI capabilities such as menu's this slide out on hover.

Frequent Visitor

Same here - this would be incredibly helpful.

Frequent Visitor

Yes definitely. I had to do a lot of workarounds for a property that could make it so simple! 

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Advocate II

Please implement this, there's no workaround to my issue without this.

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Any update on this?

Advocate IV

Please add the Onhover property to galleries!

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Yes, loving that idea.  Slide out menus with hovering would be great