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How do I find where a Collection is created?

Hello all,

It would be great to have a way to find where a collection was defined (place or action in the app the actually creates the collection via Collect, ClearCollect, etc. - for example in an OnVisible action or OnSelect action).


This functionality is available for variables but not for collections. It's a nightmare to find where a given collection was created or is being updated within a app w/ lots of screens, actions, controls. etc.


Thanks, Daniel

Status: Under Review
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I totally agree, a project is passed to me and now I do not even know where the collection is created which relates to why it is created and now the app is incomplete.


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Hello Everyone,


Just a little help until this is implemented: you can export PowerApps to a zip, drill down to Microsoft.PowerApps\apps\<something>\, find the file with *.msapp extension, go inside that as it was a zip or a subfolder, copy its contents to another folder outside the zip, and use total commander to search in the contents of the files in that folder, that will tell you where the collection is defined.


Good luck!

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I can only second to what everybody else is commenting here. So much unnecessary time going to waste for looking after where collections is being created. Some kind of contextual search would be nice and then clickable so you are being directed to that row or function. 

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In addition to the app as .zip export and hunt method I describe above, I've just come across the "PowerAppps Review Tool" available here: 


It allows you to export an app as an MSApp file and see all your functions, and it highlights what formulas/properties have been changed from the PApps default values.  You can export the report as JSON or HTML.  This is easier than the export as .ZIP and extract method I described.


Do be aware that the tool can APPEAR to hang (e.g. Not Responding) when you open your MSAPP file.   I.e. it can take SEVERAL minutes for the tool to chew through the app and generate the report.


Here is an example screenshot of a report:


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Yes this is a must, but I use a work around

Hope that helps someone ‌‌😁

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Another suggested work around is to delete the data source and look for the error.

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This has only been under review for 2 years. Hopefully they will announce something "soon"! 🙂

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Any update? That would be very useful

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Agreed, and @DeeTronSEAM , your idea is really helpful, thank you!

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The ability to search across the "code" in your PApp is now available.  See this post for more info:


Based on that, IMO, this issue/featureRequest could be considered "Delivered" by MSFT.  No more need to use the hacks described above.  And thanks for the kind words @gdavenport .