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How do I find where a Collection is created?

Hello all,

It would be great to have a way to find where a collection was defined (place or action in the app the actually creates the collection via Collect, ClearCollect, etc. - for example in an OnVisible action or OnSelect action).


This functionality is available for variables but not for collections. It's a nightmare to find where a given collection was created or is being updated within a app w/ lots of screens, actions, controls. etc.


Thanks, Daniel

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Level 8

I totally agree, I just defined a collection and want to change it but I cannot find it 😞

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I have the same problem

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I run into this all the time. Its very easy to trace variables, but impossible with collections. How is this overlooked in the design of PowerApps?

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This is very important when an app becomes bigger, it's very time consuming to find where a collection is defined. 
I often find myself spend HOURS trying to find references for collections...