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How to rename pdf generated by using Print function of PowerApps, currently it's name is Power Apps.

Print function and Print screens provide us the functionality to download and print PDF, but the name of that file is Power Apps. How can we rename it. Need guidance. Is it possible or not?

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I assume you mean the filename that appears when you "Print to PDF" through chrome. 


Unfortunately, that defaults to the name of the website you are printing. So it will always be "Power Apps.pdf".

I infer you want to generate a custom named pdf based on some data in your app. As of right now, the only way to do that is to use a flow to generate a pdf in OneDrive/SharePoint which will be provided back to PowerApps as a link that you can trigger as a download with the "Dowload()" command.


Great video on generating PDF:

After generating the PDF, you just have to add a step to generate a sharing link to your flow, and provide it a response to the connector: