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I cannot use an image stored in sharepoint in an HTML text field

I'm trying to use an image stored in a document library in my HTML. I'm pulling the HTML text from a document library on the same site. The image loads on the browser based Power apps but not my phone app even when signed into the sharepoint data source.


Am I not allowed to do this? It did work at one time, but decided to block it after a while.


<img width='40%' src="" Style="display: inline-block; float:right; Padding:5pt">


Capture.PNGImage Won't Load.jpg

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Seriously? No one has an answer to this?

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I realize this is literally 6+ months later but PowerApps for mobile devices can't authorize images stored on SharePoint. My suggestion would be to create a separate mobile device version of this app and use either the dataUri of the picture, store the picture in a website other than sharepoint and use the URL, or use the thumbnail property of the picture (if it's stored in a document library). 

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i never thought to use the thumbnail property, I'll try that. i tried to use the image address in the powerapps media librabrary section, but it has an expiring signature that only lasts a day.

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I spent days trying to figure out how to make images possible on mobile devices for PowerApps and then finally stumbled upon the thumbnail property. For whatever reason, it works. Images on SharePoint have long been an issue for PowerApps. Let me know if you need help with the syntax or anything. 



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I am working with QnA Maker in PowerApps, and having the same issue with images on mobile devices. Would the workaround using thumbnail property work with QnA Maker?


Keen to find out the syntax if possible. Thanks!


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Never used QnA maker but it might work.. what is QnA maker and what is your business use for it?

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QnA Maker is Microsoft's chatbot tool. It allows you to create a chatbot by simply loading a knowledge base.


I've built the UI through PowerApps. When the user click the 'Ask' button, PowerApps will access the knowledge base from QnA Maker (linked to an Azure database), and QnA Maker will determine the best answer for the question.


I created my app using the following instruction:


I've got it working mostly, it's just some of the chatbot answers includes pictures, stored in a SharePoint site. No pictures will load on mobile unfortunately..