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I'm in trouble! I can't get the component update message to show up!

Even after modifying a component and updating the component library on the app side, the component library may not be updated correctly.


Also, since August 4, the following Review messages are no longer displayed



Since we are developing for multiple users, we need to isolate the components from the application.


This is a preview version, but please improve the functionality as soon as possible so that the component information can be updated correctly!


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Title : Component Library - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

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I'm in trouble too!

Get better right away!

Advocate I

In the same boat here. I've tried in a few different apps, different browsers, machines, operating systems. Nothing seems to help.


The only thing I can do is remove the Component Library Component from my app and then add it back again to receive the update. Updating was working well for me just a few days ago.


Please help!

Advocate I
Advocate I

@Joti thanks for the update. This definitely resolves the issue for now, but it seems like just a band aid. Hopefully Microsoft can implement a permanent fix in a future editor release.