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I want to clear only the highlighted data when the “Reset” button (top-left) is pressed.

I want to clear only the highlighted data when the “Reset button (top-left) is pressed.

When the “Reset button in the top-left of the screenshot below is pressed, I want it to only clear the information out of the fields highlighted.





Having tested this


  1. The following functions are set for the Reset button:

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.VPN),{VPN: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.登録日),{登録日: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.依頼者),{依頼者: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.貸し出しアフ伝),{貸し出しアフ伝: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.配送日),{配送日: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.お客様名),{お客様名: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.曜日),{曜日: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.貸出日数),{貸出日数: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.営業所確認者),{営業所確認者: Blank()});

UpdateIf('■修理期間貸出管理表',!IsBlank('■修理期間貸出管理表'.入庫伝NO),{入庫伝NO: Blank()});


Removes or overwrites other data, so doesnt work.


Set Reset button to OnSelect and set the function UpdateContext({ResetText: !ResetText})

Functions for active data (that currently being entered), but existing data was not deleted.


As for how this is put together, the page below in a SharePoint list has an arrow (>) button which when pressed shows details of that item.







I want to be able to only delete specific data from the screen above.

Status: New