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Hi PowerApps Team,


Adding a IsNull() formula would be a great idea.


Now we have to do this:

Set(PClientReference, If(IsBlank(_MyRecord.ClientReference), "", _MyRecord.ClientReference))

With IsNull() formula we can skip all the If() formulas we have to write now. So I will be like this:


IsNull(_MyRecord.ClientReference, "")


An alternative approach and maybe even better could be to add a default output to the Coalesce() formula. I Idea is to output a default value if all the inputs return null/blank(). So like this

Coalesce(_MyRecord1.ClientReference,_MyRecord2.ClientReference, "")
// Coalesce(Input1, Input2, Default output)

I will make another thread off this idea and post the url in a reply and visa versa.


This takes all the programmers a lot of time, so I hope you can address this issue soon.



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Here the link to the connected thread on the Coalesce() formula default value. COALESCE - add default value