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[Idea] Harness should use standard CRM font

I’ve noticed the font and sizes aren’t taking the standard CRM Fonts and Sizes.

I could add this into the CSS class but it would be better if fonts are inherited.
Status: Planned
Power Apps

Hi Andrew,


Are you talking about the interactive inputs pane on the right side of the harness?

I meant my control (the inputs pane i don't really care too much for).  As I noticed my control was using default browser font (whereas CRM uses Segui UI font), unless i'm doing something wrong.  


This was with current version of Chrome.

Power Apps

Absolutely Andrew. We can add that.

Fantastic!  That'd be perfect.

Advocate II

That would make a lot of sense, but, maybe, you could take it further and expose the styles somehow (if we wanted to inherit them we would. Otherwise we would use our own). It's not just the font - it's, also, the border size and behavior, possibly label colors, error message colors/fonts, etc

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned
Resolver I

Could this CSS addition to the test harness also allow for the inclusion of the 'Dyn CRM Symbol' web fonts?