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Idea for Screen Pane UI



I really appreciate the new way PowerApps displays the list of screens but here are some of my suggestions on how it can improved.

  1. Condense all items on start-up.
    To be honest, it gets very annoying to have to condense all items every time I open PowerApps, especially since I have so many items in each screen. 
  2. Drag and Drop Feature
    I know screen order doesn't really matter but it would really great if I was able to easily reorder screens for organization purposes rather having to open the menu and click "Move Up/Down" several times. (Ctrl + Y doesn't seem to have an effect) This could also be useful for objects for adjusting order on the z-axis.


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Yes I agee, Colapsing the items would be great. also have formula bar at top in centre only not covering the properties panel when it opens.


Does anyone who can make the changes read this ????