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Identify where the app is running with RunTime.IsBrowser, Runtime.Name, RunTime.UserAgent, & more

Currently there is not an easy way to identify on which platform the app is running. 


This makes thing difficult to detect unsupported features.


Case in point: SaveData and LoadData are not supported in browsers.

These functions throw errors when tested on browsers. 

But there is no easy way to detect browsers, to wrap them around an IF and avoid triggering the error. 


Other features unsupported could be GPS, compass, altimeter touchscreen. 


My proposal then, is to provide a RunTime object, with the necessary functions and properties to make the developer life easier:


RunTime object - provides several information about the runtime environment where the PowerApp is running. 




RunTime.IsBrowser - Boolean - is true when the app is being run inside a web browser window.


RunTime.Name - String - Name of the runtime environment where the app is running, from a Dictionary. 


(Dictionary) Runtime.Names = {

  "Google Chrome", //includes beta, dev, canary builds

  "Edge Chrome", //includes beta, dev, canary builds

  "Edge Classic",

  "Mozilla FireFox",

  "Chromium", //fallback for all other chromium variants



  "Teams", //When the app is running on a tab inside Microsoft Teams

  "iOS", //iPhone

  "iPadOS", //iPad





RunTime.UserAgent- String - UserAgent of the runtime environment, as provided. Can be a Browser Uasr-Agent string, or a string provided by the apps in the several platforms that have them. 


RunTime.Version- String - Version of the runtime environment where the app is running, like can be see in "Session Details: PowerApps X.XXX.XXXX"


RunTime.SessionID- String - UUID of the SessionID of the app, like can be see in "Session Details: SessionID: UUID"


RunTime.SupportedFeatures - collection of key(string)-value(boolean) - lists every feature with a true or false value, to easily identify which ones are not available. List the Properties, Objects, Methods of PowerApps.

Example: RunTime.SupportedFeatures.SaveData will have a true or false value depending on platform. 


RunTime.IsBrowser = Boolean - true if the app is running inside a browser runtime. 



Runtime.IsSupported( "featurename as string") - returns true or false if a feature is supported. "featurename" should be any object or method listed in the documentation.

Example: RunTime.IsSupported("SaveData") will return true  on mobile or false on browsers. 



Status: Under Review

@GregLi We'll take a look.

Kudo Kingpin

Super well-written, well done!


Also, super useful.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

@GregLi We'll take a look.

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Regular Visitor

I support this proposal, it would help a lot.

Advocate I

@GregLi Any update on this as it is a very basic tool that is missing in Powerapps.

Advocate V

Just implementing an app where I have to use either app barcode scanner or the web one. Would be nice to know which one I could use.

Currently using something like




but this isn't the ideal solution.