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Identity Management for PowerApps

We use Okta for identity management for our O365 accounts and I'm interested in using it not only to control access to the PowerApps client but also from within my apps as an additional level of authentication - perhaps an Okta login screen in PA.


Of course, there are other identity management solutions including some in Azure. It would be great to see several identity managment solutions explicity support in PowerApps.



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We also heavily use Okta, and having built in integration via a connector to Okta would be VERY useful and helpful.  

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Please add this integration, Okta is now the leading Identity Provider and Gartner Leader..

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Yes we need federated auth from power apps out to work properly. Right now, if I make a flow as an admin and I try to add connections for a svc account that is in the same domain, it just creates another connection with my admin credentials because it isnt trying to establish a new user validation with Okta