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Image Zoom or Scroll

I have picture attachments in my CRM cases (like error screenshots).

It would be very helpful to be able to toggle a pinch to zoom feature.

Alternatively, If the user could drag to scroll the picture, then enabling a toggle to change the picture's position from Fill to Center would zoom in to 100% and then the user could drag the image around the visible picture "window".

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You can upload the picture into a PDF then use the zoom and scroll function on the PDF viewer- however there is some functionality issues with that, and in the end, I've had to compromise and have a rotated photo rather than one you can zoom and scroll. Frustrating but I hope they add a solution soon.
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Frustrating is the right word
I have the same problem

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This is a very important feature that must be added. Pictures are a very important part of everyday data and without zoom, a lot of pictures with text are not very useful. 


Please add this feature.

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Hi michowl,

I needed that funcionality too and made some tricks to have it work.  Here is an explanation how I did it.

I hope this help.

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For the time those options exist in PowerApps I suggest to use an extendable analog zoom directly on your phone it will help a lot