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Image control looks for image url containers in data connections

(SharePoint Online Power App)


I wanted to add a connection to my power app so that the image gallery control could display the images. I recently learned that the image gallery does not connect to image libaries (or any library for that matter), so I chose to set up a promoted links list. The promoted list is perfect for the requirement because by its' very nature it much contain image URLs. So I:


1. uploaded my images to a dedicated asset library (for easy management on the sharepoint side)

2. created the promoted links list with all the image URLs and captions I wanted to display in power apps

3. inserted the image gallery control

4. went to make the connection....and that's where I wanted to scream! The data source connection refused to show me my promoted links list in the list of SharePoint lists via the connection! Which seems extremely counter productive because the promoted links list fits the requirements of that particular control best.


Consequently - please:

-Allow for Image/Asset Libraries to be connected (at least for the image gallery)

-Allow Promoted Links list types to show in connections

-(ideal) Train the Image Gallery control to search and discover any image url containers within the existing Power App connections, then display those in suggestions when we are typing in the Items URL property of the gallery.


Thank you for considering this ask.

Status: Planned
Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned